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On a family holiday in Tasmania we fell in love with Belted Galloways. Driving through the countryside, we became enchanted by the unique belt wrapped around the big black bellies of the animals we saw grazing. Having both grown up on rural properties, Scott & I couldn't look past this opportunity to call a few Belties our own. When doing a little further digging into the breed, we found there was a commercial place for these cattle, both as sidekicks and potentially, steaks. From then on, Ironbark Belted Galloway Stud was established. 



Nestled in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Ironbark Belted Galloway Stud was established by the Goninan family in 2005. We have been registered breeders for over 15 years and are loyal members of the Australian Belted Galloway Association. With approx. 50 hectares in the Numinbah Valley, Ironbark Belted Galloway Stud consists of 50 breeding cows and is renowned for producing high quality animals. Originally consisting of black colouring, the herd has just introduced Red and Dun bloodlines. Historically, these cattle were not put in sheds during Scottish winters, and thus they have evolved into a hardy, adaptable  breed with good foraging ability, ease of calving and the capacity to thrive in conditions where other breeds struggle. On top of being great mothers and having calm temperaments, Belted Galloways produce lovely tasting beef and make for a phenomenal eye fillet!



The herd are not only spoilt, but are treated as if they are family. During winter, the animals are hand fed with premium quality hay and have access to copious amounts of yummy Anapro. In the warmer Queensland months, the improved pastures see those bellies expand - Jenny Craig eat your heart out. The Ironbark Belties are fed the bovine equivalent of dining at a Michelin 3-star restaurant (their version anyway!). 

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